[…] Always Green

That’s right! At Relics Furniture & Frame Company, we are very conscientious of our manufacturing processes and put the health of our customers and employees as a top priority. We only use water based, lead free, environmentally friendly paints. We use only domestic hardwood lumber from managed & sustainable forests, and we do not use Chip Board, Particle Board or MDF in the furniture we produce here in Minneapolis, and yes, you heard us right, we do produce our furniture in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We are a proud Family Owned American Company, producing American Products!

#1. We at Relics have always used Water Based Paints & Clear Coats that are 100% lead free & environmentally friendly. Yep, even 15 years ago when we started our company in Moms garage, we started by using only water based products. Most other companies that produce furniture and picture frames, use Solvent Based Paints and Lacquers. Solvent based Paints & Lacquers are commercially easier to use because they reduce the dry time of painted or stained finishes, and they do expedite the manufacturing process, however they are NOT easier on people or our atmosphere.

Our Finishing Technique. Our finishing process consists of 3 layers of HAPS Free Water Based Paint.  Some colors also receive 2 layers of HAPS Free Water Based Primer.  We then apply 2-3 layers of water based clear lacquer. On most of our finishes, the wood grain will remain visible.

All Collections are available in our unique hand rubbed distressed satin finish.  Our Midtown Collection is also available in our Non Distressed Semi Gloss Finish. 

We do not intend to fully cover the natural texture of the wood we use. We instead wish to incorporate the wood grain and texture in our finishes to create a visual and textural experience. Some of our colors will also allow some of the natural wood character to show through more than other colors. Fire Truck red specifically will allow the most natural color to come through. If you wish to have the natura wood hidden as much as possible, please let us know and we will take extra steps to accommodate your order.

Our products are finished with all Water Based products.  We use Water Based Acrylic Paints and Waterborne Lacquer.  Our products are very durable and have all been sealed, however unlike some solvent (oil)  based paint products, Water Based and Waterborne finishes can sometimes be susceptible to staining from oils or harsh chemicals. 

When cleaning our items; please use either a damp rag with warm water, or, a light soap and water solution, or a diluted solution of Windex.  Our products are chemical and oil resistant, but not chemical and oil proof.  Do not use any furniture cleaning oil or harsh abrasives on any of our items. While our finish is resistant to many chemicals and oils if the spill is immediately wiped off, our finish can be harmed if any oils or alcohol is allowed to remain on our finish for a duration of time. 

If you would like further information or cleaning tips, please contact us at getrelics@gmail.com.

#2. We at Relics have always used Wood Products from Managed Sustainable Mid-Western Forests. In fact, the original wood we used when we first started producing “New” products, was Basswood harvested only from trees that had naturally died & fallen in the forest. Eventually, in order to keep up with demand for our items, we needed a larger supply of Basswood. We have since turned to wood suppliers that have contracts with their local & state governments to clear paths for highway & road projects. The overwhelming majority of the wood we use is from trees that are pre destined for cutting.

#3. We have always manufactured our furniture in Minneapolis, MN. USA. We employ Americans & we produce a great American product. It is true that we do offer a small amount of imported items that we purchase unfinished and sell finished, however over 97% of the items we offer are made right here in Minneapolis, MN. USA. Some of the items we sell, but do not produce, come from another Family Owned American Company, El Greco Furniture in Jamestown, NY. They are one of the best crib manufacturers in the world and they supply us with the majority of our crib styles.

In these times when consumers are craving a clear choice of good products, we at Relics stand tall & declare that we are that choice. We use all water based finishes, domestic hardwoods & local American craftsmen. On top of that, we offer nearly unlimited choices of color & have fun timeless furniture designs. How many others can say that? How many other furniture companies may instead be importing 90-100% of their products from Asian countries, Eastern Europe or elsewhere? How many of those overseas factories do you think use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes? We think that for those customers who are concerned about the environment, & our domestic labor force, Relics is the clear choice. Thanks for selecting Relics Furniture. We look forward to furnishing you!