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Touchup Paint

ORDER HERE FOR TOUCHUP PAINT ONLY. The individual colors on the right are if you need to order wood color samples.

Prices include one tube of paint and one tube of clearcoat for the finish...the amount you'll need for most minor repairs.

Type in the color you need. (All of our available colors are listed on the right.)

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Hot Girls Colors

Cloud, Pink Elephant, French Cream, Lily Lavender, Split Pea, Linen, Dusty Pink

Hot Boys Colors

Midnight, Bittersweet, Chocolate, Black, Wet Sand, Graphite, Navy

Roxy & Tate Colors

Wow, CreamPuff, Rockstar, GirlyGirl, Calypso

Navy, Hipster, BoyohBoy, Wet Sand, Graphite

A Bit about Color

Midnight, our best selling boys color, is a rich, traditional, tireless deep blue that works fantastically with endless bedding styles and any hardware choice.

Bittersweet, our newest and deepest brown and has quickly become our best selling brown. This color truly depicts bittersweet chocolate.  

Our Absolute Black has a touch of blue and is quite an impact color.  Works great with multitudes of bedding and any style of room decor. 

Wet Sand works handsomely with nearly all other colors whether they be whites, greens, blues or blacks.  Quite an adaptable and stable color.  Again, timeless.


We offer several colors and all items are available in all colors.  We have both our Relics Standard colors that are unique to Relics Furniture.   All our colors can be applied to any of our items.   We also offer ANY Benjamin Moore paint color for an additional 10% per item, $60 Minimum per color, per order.  If you are selecting this option, a Benjamin Moore color number or name must be provided.

Need to match colors? Click here for Relics/Benjamin Moore color match.

We always strive for complete customer satisfaction and color selection is a dramatically important decision.  If you are not familiar with our colors, please request any color sample prior to placing your order.  Every order is painted just for you, so NOW is the time to be informed and selective. We have a sample color board with all of our colors available for $60 or individual color wood chip samples are $2.00 includes postage.

Please note our policy regarding standard and custom colors: "If a customer does not request and purchase a sample, the color they receive, as long as Relics has used our standard paint, or the paint the customer has requested; the items they have received are assumed to be accurate and now the property and responsibility of the customer."


Our Finishing Technique. We do not intend to fully cover the natural texture of the wood we use. We instead wish to incorporate the wood grain and texture in our finishes to create a visual and textural experience. Some of our colors will also allow some of the natural wood character to show through more than other colors. Fire Truck Red specifically will allow the most natural wood color to come through. If you wish to have the natural wood hidden as much as possible, please let us know and we will take extra steps to accommodate your order. All items will be completed in our Distressed Satin finish unless otherwise stated on your purchase order and on our confirmation

Finishes: Distressed or Non-distressed. Distressing is our finishing technique where each piece is painted and lightly sanded to let the natural wood show through. Non-distressing does not have this finish.

Our finishing process consists of 3 layers of HAPS Free Water Based paint.  Some colors also receive a layer of HAPS Free Water Based primer.  We then apply 2 layers of a water-based clear urethane. 

The final color of a non distressed finish may appear slightly different than the distressed version.  This is because the Non Distressed Finishes are done with completely opaque coats of paint, where as with the distressed versions, we hand rub the paint layers essentially removing some of the paint and causing a bit of a translucent effect.  Please keep that in mind when selecting your colors and finishes.

---Relics standard 3 Collections including Beadboard, Lily Rae and Wonderland, all receive a Satin Clear coat and can have our Standard Distress or Light Distress.   

---Midtown and Spindle Crib can be done in a Non Distressed Semi Gloss, or in a Distressed Satin.

---Roxy&Tate can be done in a Non Distressed Semi Gloss.


Colors Shown in Relics Distressed Finish

Absolute Black



wet sand
Wet Sand

chicago brick
Chicago Brick




curly melon
Curly Melon


dusty blue
Dusty Blue

dusty pink
Dusty Pink

fire truck
Fire Truck

french creme
French Cream


lily lavender
Lily Lavender




painted pony
Painted Pony

pink elephant
Pink Elephant

split pea
Split Pea

Sample Board



Roxy & Tate Colors - Roxy & Tate Collection also available in ANY Relics color


Cream Puff


wet sand
Girly Girl

chicago brick




curly melon
Boy Oh Boy

Wet Sand

dusty blue